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CD Notes

The CD was recorded, mixed and mastered at elmstreet studios between June 2003 and May 2004.

During the preparation of the graphics and text for the CD package we managed to avoid all but a very few minor typographical errors and are generally quite pleased with the results. To set the record straight, as it were, the three known errors are the following:

  1. Nancy should be listed as playing electric piano on "Better Is One Day" and neither Mike nor anyone else played organ on that track.
  2. John's last name should read "Senior" instead of "Senio" in the caption below the group photo on the back page of the insert folder.
  3. Chris's last name should read "Bird" instead of "Byrd" in the listing of musicians inside the insert folder.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making the music.

Comments from our listeners

Please send us your thoughts via email at

Dear John, Nancy and COG team,

Ask me why I've been smiling for the last 45 minutes straight?

It's because I was listening to your CD!

It's so great to hear what you guys have been doing. We do many of the songs with our worship teams too - and I _so_ enjoyed every nuance of your arrangements!

What a blasteroo!

I can tell that there was a LOT of love put into the project. It's a home run blessing.

Scott & Jody (Woodland Hills, CA)

Dear Dave & Betsy,

Betsy M. was pulling out of the parking lot after we'd played tennis, and she pulled up next to me and said, "guess who I'm listening to?"

Well, she purchased your CD for our family, and we love it. Way to go!

Congratulations on this and other upcoming big productions!

Courtenay W.

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